93 Miles

The Short Film

ABOUT The film

          93 Miles is a short-film, written and directed by Noah Canavan, and has been in development since 2013. Eventually, Noah saw fit to develop the project in pursuit of his Masters Thesis for Emerson College.

          93 Miles tells the story of Miguel, a fictional baseball prodigy, whose journey is inspired by the many Cuban players who defected from Cuba prior to 2014. These young men made the difficult choice to leave the island, believing they could never return to see their loved ones. 93 Miles isn’t about the disappointment of leaving everything behind; this story is about the optimism in the future. Miguel’s story is an introspective observation about his opportunity and his decision. Over the course of this journey, you see both Miguel and our national pastime objectified and exploited at the hands of a greedy few. We are left to wonder whether Miguel’s decision and the game we love can be redeemed.

          93 Miles is the human experience of a human commodity. 

The director's Goal

          After first learning about those who have defected Cuba and their tragic journeys, Noah became amazed that many weren't aware of their stories. Many athletes won't publicly discuss their defections, due to the dangers with the ties involved. 

          The director's goal is to spread awareness of the shocking true stories behind the Cuban athletes who defect to the United States. 


BEST NARRATIVE SHORT FILM - Somerville International Film Festival

BEST STUDENT SHORT FILM - SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival

BRONZE REMI - WorldFest Houston International Film Festival

BEST ROMANCE FILM - Lionshead Film Festival

AWARD FINALIST - Cine Miami Fest

BEST SHORT FILM NOMINEE - Massachusetts Independent Film Festival

BEST NEW ENGLAND FILM NOMINEE - Massachusetts Independent Film Festival

BEST DIRECTOR NOMINEE - NOAH CANAVAN - Massachusetts Independent Film Festival

BEST LEAD ACTOR NOMINEE - DANNY ROYCE - Massachusetts Independent Film Festival

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY NOMINEE - DANIEL LIES - Massachusetts Independent Film Festival

BEST US SHORT FILM NOMINEE - Cindependence Film Festival



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